sábado, 31 de octubre de 2009

Backstreet boys concierto Lisboa !

Videos y ahora van apareciendo fotos del 1er show!

Buen comienzo de semana para todos!

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4 bailarines, 1 dj + los musicos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hoy 2do concierto en Madrid!

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ENSAYO Lisboa de ayer:

SETLIST:-Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
-We've Got it Goin' On
-Quit Playin' Games
-As Long As You Love Me
-This Is Us
-Show Me The Meaning
-All I Have to Give
-She's a Dream
-I'll Never Break Your Heart
-The Call
-The One
-Shape Of My Heart
-I Want It That Way
-More Than That
-All Of Your Life (you need love)
-Larger Than Life
-Bye Bye Love
-Straight Through My Heart

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jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

Backstreet boys Charity! corre la voz! + Video nuevo!

BSB needs your help.

Se ha hecho el anuncio en www.backstreetboys.com sobre el lanzamiento de una subasta de caridad. El ganador va a ganar un viaje a Dinamarca para tener su experiencia con la banda + 1000 euros para gastar en el viaje.
Pasa la voz y publica este site para que los fans participen ya que es para ayudar a la fundacion de The Rock renew:www.backstreetboyscharityauction.com

We have just made an announcement on www.Backstreetboys.com regarding the launch of our charity auction site www.backstreetboyscharityauction.com The winner in from the US will win a paid trip to Copenhagen Denmark for a one of a kind experience with the band. The winner from EU will win the VIP experience and 1000 Euros for the trip. It's an reverse auction where the lowest unique bid wins. It's something new and exciting.

Please help promote the new BSB Charity site. Here is the link to the banners. Please post them everywhere.


Adam G
Indiemedia Inc.

p.d: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVxQRqHe8Eg

martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

Backstreet boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VOTA Everybody en UK

En noviembre saldría a la venta el single de Jennifer Paige & Nick, Beautiful lie!
Si buscan a Jennifer Paige en facebook verá que ella agrago un backstage del video clip! No creo que salga aquí pero luego avisaremos a donde lo podes encargar de afuera!

Muchas fotos nuevas con fans, las últimas presentaciones y el pequeño clip q salio de AJ en Daily 10 el 22/10:


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domingo, 25 de octubre de 2009

Backstreet boys en Charlotte + Kevin sigue de gira!

Sería más que lindo de ver a Kev con el resto de los chicos en gira, pero bueno ahora el sigue con su propios proyectos. El 29/10 comienza la gira por USA de la comedía musical Chicago: http://www.broadwayacrossamerica.com/baa.site/National/Shows.aspx?showId=5141&name=Chicago

Hay fechas por USA hasta Junio 2010 asi que esperemos que Kevin siga participando!!!!!!!!!!

Los chicos realizaron su presentación en Charlotte y los fans ya han subido los videos en youtube:

Nueva entrevista a Brian:
From the very beginning, God has shown tremendous favor over your life. Do you ever wonder why you were chosen to lead the life that you lead?

You know, we tend to forget how good God is in our lives. It’s a wonderful, wonderful opportunity. The funny thing is that I am human and I ask myself that every day. It’s a lot to take on, I’ll tell you that. It’s a lot to take on. But at the same time, I do Christian music as a solo artist on the side, so I can make people think about other things as well. You know, I’m not a preacher. I’m not an evangelist. I don’t go around, wanting to tell everybody that they’re going to die and burn in hell [laughing].

Right! [laughing]

So, I know why God has put me in this situation. I get to go to work and do something that I still love and that I’m still passionate about and affecting people’s lives in a positive way through pop music with the Backstreet Boys. My job is to use my gift that has been given to me and I’m going to use it as long as I can. But yeah, I mean, I’m blessed. I’m blessed. I’m fortunate. I’m happy to be able to articulate thoughts and feelings through music. I’m fortunate to be able to have experiences in my life that I can share with fans through music and be able to translate that. I mean, that’s what music is about: tying into an emotion where you remember a song of the girl that you were dating at the time in 1988, listening to whoever you were listening to, sitting on the side of the curb, thinking, “Man, I just broke up with my girl and that’s the song that I heard.” We share a lot of memories like that with people. We share a lot of first concerts with people. I get every day somebody at the supermarket or somebody on tour like, “You know, you were the first concert that I ever saw when I was nine,” and now they’re like 20.

Créditos: http://blogcritics.org

Y nueva entrevista a Nick Carter:
Advocate.com: This Is Us sounds like the Backstreet Boys from way back, but you worked with a lot of new producers, including RedOne, who has produced Lady Gaga, Robyn, and a lot of current dance music artists. Did working with new producers affect your music much?

Nick Carter: I think that, actually, it made us sound like even more of what we are. RedOne is from Sweden and it’s almost like he does music like ours back in the day. I think it’s a really good combination. It’s very familiar because… he’s from Sweden and a lot of our greatest hits, and the greatest pop songs, came from Sweden. [This album] is our pride and joy. We love it so much. We’ve worked so hard on creating an album that is worthy of radio and worthy of stuff that we’ve done in the past -- just really good music, you know? It’s got a nice little dance vibe to it. It’s music that you can dance to in a club, you can play in your car… it’s feel-good music.

And you’re touring Europe and then Asia, and then coming back to the United States?

Yeah…Europe and the rest of the world, they’re definitely going to see this show. You’ll be able to pop it up on YouTube and check it out. But it’s just -- I would hate for the U.S. not to get to see it because there are only a few shows out there that are really showish. We’re bringing out dancers with us, so we’re going to have a big spectacle dance show. It’s going to be like our old shows, but all new. We’re definitely going to come back to the states, but especially if people fall in love with our album.

Do you have a favorite song from the album?

My new favorite song is “This Is Us.” I just think it’s beautiful. It’s years and years of hard work…years of life…packed into one song.

I assume you’re keeping up with Dancing With the Stars?

Of course. Absolutely.

Aaron narrowly escaped elimination last week.

Yeah, I know. But you know what? Honestly… the great thing about the show, I told my brother, is that it’s all about learning. He’s young enough that he’s going to make those mistakes in front of the world, but he’s not afraid to show the emotions, as well. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s a caring and heartfelt person. But he also does want to learn and he does want to get better and he does want to win. He really wants to win. That’s that young spirit and fire inside of him and I think that, if everybody gives him a shot, then I think that he’ll be able to really shine. I’m glad that he lasted because now he gets another shot to go back to the drawing board and to really perfect himself because he’s talented. I think that he’s going to make himself better and he’s going to come back with class.

Do you think he’s going to win?

Nobody knows. But I will say this, though: We are all winners at heart at anything that we do. I think that if he places third, if he places fourth, whatever the case may be, for him to get this far is amazing in itself. But you can’t deny that he’s talented as a dancer, as an entertainer. With that having been said, I hope that everybody sees that the most three or four talented stay around because that will give me faith in that show, that it’s about talent, like an American Idol.

You’re a good big brother. Would you ever do Dancing With the Stars?

Honestly, I’m more of a singer than a dancer, but maybe I’ll change my mind after we get out on the road because we’re dancing basically 80% of our show. So if you come out and see the show then maybe I’ll change my mind

You did an Advocate “Big Gay Following” interview a few years ago, and years back, in 1997, you were a cover model for XY, a magazine for gay teens. Not everyone in a boy band would be so involved with gay press, and these have followed you for years, for better or worse. If you did something like XY now and you were the same age and at the same stage in your career, do you think it would be such a big deal?

I don’t think it would be as much of a big deal. I really don’t. Honestly, I have so many gay friends, family members who are gay… it’s not a big deal to me. It may have been a big deal back in the day when I was young, but, you know, whatever. It’s part of our culture now and that’s what’s great about it. People accept it now. I love it.

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sábado, 24 de octubre de 2009

Backstreet boys en people.com + Bonnie hunt show

Si todavia no lo vieron, les dejo el video q han subido en youtube del tv show reciente en LA con BSB como invitados:

Y luego si entran a people en la parte de People TV hay un video de HOWIE

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p.d: seguramente para los socios q residen en Gran Buenos Aires, realizamos nuestra próxima reunión el 1/11 a la tarde. Igual se les va avisar por e-mail como siempre!

Parte de del meet & greet -conferencia del 26/9, publicado por mediavault:

BUEN fin de semana!

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jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

Promo Chicago!

Aqui les dejo el último video que aparecio en youtube sobre Kevin promocionando el musical Chicago!

miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Kevin entrevista + Backstreet boys videos!

Aqui les dejo los scans de una revista en donde le han hecho una nota a Kevin, barrera de idioma pero a disfrutar de las nuevas fotos de Kev!

Y luego un video oficial cuando los BSB cantarón el himno nacional, entren! hay 3 videos en total: MLB.com

Les dejo un video que han subido el fc de Alemania, weird world de BSb:

Entrevista de los chicos mientras ensayan!

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martes, 20 de octubre de 2009

AJ+ saludo desde MTV premios!

El 1er cd de AJ solista está prevista su salida antes de comenzar la gira por Japón, 27/01 la fecha q se publico.
Aqui pueden escuchar Have it all que será parte del cd y parece ser el 1er corte del album:

Canciones del album:
01. Ain't with Me (R.Tedder)
02. Sorry In Advance (R.Tedder)
03. Happy Idiot (AJ Mclean/J.Scoggin)
04. Biggest Fan
05. I To (AJ Mclean/J.Scoggin)
06. FTB (AJ McLean/C. Butler/D.Muckala/ R.Hamm)
07. I Hate It When You're Gone (AJ McLean/C. Butler/D.Muckala/ R.Hamm)
08. Sincereley Yours (AJ McLean/D.Muckala/ L.Robbins)
09. Stay The Same (AJ McLean/D.Muckala/ R.Hamm)
10. Suicide Tuesday (AJ McLean/D.Muckala/ R.Hamm)
11. Why (AJ McLean/C. Butler/D.Muckala/ Tommy Lee James)

Los Bsb dejaron un saludo para una de las radios de Chile el pasado Jueves desde LA:

Créditos: cbc

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martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

Backstreet boys de compras y nosotros acomprar This is us!

Apoya a bsb tambien votando y pidiendo sus temas:

Compra tu copia de This is us original versióN Argentina!
Apoya a bsb tambien votando y pidiendo sus temas. Radio Disney en el puesto 16 deja tu voto diario!
Todos los fans unidos por lo mismo!

Nuevas fotos de Aj & Nick en el local Tiffan s Beverly Hills Entra y ve las nuevas pics de Aj & Nick

Los Backstreet boys se presentarón ayer en los premios MTV latinos en Los Angeles:

Y ademas ayer los chicos fueron nombrados en 2 news de MTV, una incluye una entrevista por tel con Brian,. Aquí les dejo el link para escucharla:

Nueva foto de Kev en en un programa de Japón para seguir promocionando Chicago la obra q están realizando nuevamente en el país!

martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

Compra THIS IS US ! este Sábado fiesta de BAckstreet boys!

Comenzo la distribución de This is us en nuestro país y compra su cd original THIS IS US.

Más que nunca muestra tu apoyo como fans a la banda , votando y pidiendo sus temas en las radios!

MTVLA LOS 10 + PEDIDOS (completa en ´otros)
Como Sábran los Backstreet boys se vieron forzadas a cancelar y postegar su gira de promoción en Estados Unidos por que Brian se ha contagiado el virus conocido como gripe porcina. Por eso más que nunca la banda necesita tu apoyo .
CNN blog que escribio Brian

Aqui les dejo un tv show q los Chicos estuvieron el pasado Domingo:

Y a no olvidarse este Sábado fiesta de Backstreet boys: THIS IS US
Avenida Córdoba 543
Desde las 12.30 a 2 am especial de Backstreet boys (ya es domingo jjaja)
y luego sigue la disco.
Esperamos a todos los fans a festejar la salida del último album de la banda!

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viernes, 2 de octubre de 2009

This is us en yahoo! 6 de Octubre a la venta en ArgentinA

No se olviden el 15 de Octubre por la noche de ver los premios MTV en donde la banda va a ser unos de los presentadores desde LA

Los Backstreet boys han dejado el link en donde ya puedes escuchar su 7mo album de estudio: THIS IS US
Contaremos con 12 canciones en total (bonus track de regalo)

Les pido que sigan votando diariamente por email o desde el site STRAIGHT THROUGH MY HEART en Radio Disney mensajes@radiodisney.com.ar (011) 4999 9430

y tambien dejen su voto y pedido en muchmusic: contacto@muchmusic.com.ar


ej: Soy Pepe y les dejo mi voto para el tema/videoclip de Backstreet boys Straight through my heart! lo puedes enviar desde todas tus casillas de e-mail

Ya se confirmo la gira por Japón del 5 al 15 de Febrero 2010, seguramente en estos días se darán a conocer las fechas para Oceanía!

Otro pequeño y buen artículo de This is us en USWEEKLY


Bigger en vivo Jueves 1 de Octubre:

p.d: fans a comprar todos This is us la próxima semana, no vale con sólo bajarlo por internet. A demostrar por que la banda debe de volver a nuestro país!

Buen comienzo de semana!

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