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Backstreet boys : AJ Mclean en Tokyo!

Ayer llego AJ a Japón para promocionar HAVE IT ALL, gracias a AVEX twitter tenemos imagines del meet & greet de hoy!

Clickea aqui para ver los videos

y una foto nueva de HOWIE
gracias al site de bsb de Alemania

p.d: hoy reunión de FC en Galeria Pacifico desde las 2pm q no se pospone x lluvia. Animense que llueve poquito!!!!! tb hoy sería muy bueno que vengan!


sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

Backstreet boys fans, let s have a party

Como están!??????

Espero que muy bien!

Les dejamos las fotos nuevas de Nick con su amigos en Las Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!! y fotos con su novia en TAO restaurant festejando su cumple el 28/01!

No se olviden que agregarnos en twitter: @bsbfansclubarg y agregar en sus mensajes de twitter: #LatinAmericaWantsBSB

a no olvidarse: ESTE DOMINGO 31 desde las 15hs REUNION DE FANS CLUB!!!!!!!!!!
Como siempre en el patio de comidas de Galeria Pacífico-area burger king!

Muchos miembros nuevos que esperamos conocer!

Vota en radio disney Straight through my heart!

está en el puesto 12

Entrevista a AJ antes de viajar a Tokyo en Carnival Festival, el miércoles pasado


buen fin de semana para todos``

Backstreet boys fans club Argentina
desde el 2002 como fans club apoyando a la banda

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Backstreet boys

Espero que disfruten de unas fotos de Unbreakable tour en Europa. Exclusivas del backstreet boys fans club argentina. + 1 de bsbmarie

STRAIGHT THROUGH MY HEART está en el puesto 12 de RADIO DISNEY!!!!!!!!!! MÁS QUE NUNCA A SEGUIR VOTANDO MASIVAMENTE asi llega a los 10 más votados del ranking!

votar STMH en la disney
tambien podes votar en este link diferente

Telefonicamente: 011 4999 9430

Les dejamos una interesante entrevista que le realizarón a Howie cuando estaba disfrutando de las vacaciones en su natal Florida la semana pasada.
Créditos: Access All Areas

Access All Hey, Howie. Where are we chatting to you from?
Howie: Hey, how you doing? I’m actually in my home town, Orlando Florida. We had the holidays off and I had the chance to come back and spend some time with my family before we take off on tour again in February.

Access All Have you got a lot of Aussie press today?
Howie: Yeah. I don’t mind. I love it. I can’t wait to get down there. You guys are amazing. We’ve always had so much fun there. Australia is one of my favourite places in the world. So I’m excited about it.

Access All The Backstreet Boys was actually my first ever album as a kid back when it seemed the music pop culture was taking over the world.
Howie: Wow, that’s awesome. Thank you. I’m flattered.

Access All What was it like for you going through that – being introduced to the music biz in such sensational fashion?
Howie: The fact that we’ve been together for 17 years is to me just an unbelievable accomplishment. It’s been like a marriage. A lot of marriages I know haven’t been able to stand the test of time. I’m just blessed that I’m in the group I’m in and we’ve had the success we’ve had. We’re still hungry and strong, looking forward to more and more of the future.

Access All Were you only 19 or so when it all began?
Howie: I was. I was 19 believe it or not. Looking back on it, I was just a young wee lad.

Access All So what was that like for you being so young with the band exploding onto the music scene like it did?
Howie: I was so excited; I thought I’d won the lottery. I still think I’ve won the lottery. (laughs) It’s amazing. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity that I’ve had. What guy wouldn’t want to be travelling around the world seeing a bunch of screaming women and having a chance to see the world? It’s just been amazing. My 20s were the most memorable years I’ll ever have.

Access All Nsync, Britney Spears and acts alike were breaking round the same time. Was it competitive with those artists or were you fans of those guys as well?
Howie: We all came from the Orlando area. Even Nsync, I went to college with one of the guys Chris Kirkpatrick. We sat right next to each other in choir. We’re all kind of from the Orlando area. It was never any competition. If anything it was more a friendly competition. They’ve always had their fans, we’ve had our fans. Sometimes they were the same fans, sometimes they weren’t. It was always the ‘what’s good for one is good for all’ thing. It was good for all of us.

Access All You’ve spent half your life now in this band now. So how would you describe the lifestyle to those who can only dream of it?
Howie: It’s pretty much whatever you make of it. I’m very blessed that I have a very grounded family who have kept me on my feet. They always set me to the ground. It’s made me appreciate and understand the business for what it’s worth. It’s an amazing opportunity I’ve had. I definitely can’t say enough I’ve been very blessed. It’s really amazing.

Access All The ‘This Is Us’ tour is coming to Australia in March. After all these years, does another world tour and trip down under still excite you guys like it did?
Howie: We love touring. For me, that’s where I come alive. Touring was where I was meant to be forever. We have a great show. It’s a Millennium type show with a great, amazing stage. We have four unbelievable dancers with us, a DJ and a lot of gags. It’s a 2 hour entertaining show, from beginning to end. We’re going to hopefully offer (the fans) out of their chairs and on their feet from top to bottom.

Access All How do you make the shows better each time?
Howie: We come up with most of the ideas for our tours. We just challenge ourselves. We go watch other concerts…we’re all just creative individuals. We’re all an artist in our own minds. We try and top ourselves and think of what hasn’t been done. Or what has been done, maybe having a twist on it.

Access All When you have so many songs to choose from, how do you come up with the set list for this tour?
Howie: That’s the tough part. That is really tough. Sometimes we put together medleys because we’ve had a lot of success songs that people want to hear. To fit them all in a 2 hour show, you have to be creative. We even actually re-vamp some of our songs so they’re still fresh and current for us. Some of the songs we’ve sang for over 15 years. I’m very proud of it. I think we’ve done a great job. Every time we do a tour I always just feel, oh boy how are we going to fit all these songs plus the new album? Somehow we did it.

Access All Is it a different vibe going on tour without Kevin?
Howie: Yeah, definitely. Kevin was like a father figure for all of us. He was the older brother. We always looked up to him, especially with a lot of his creative ideas. So when he came to us and said, ‘Guys, I’m going to take a break on this run’, we all had to step up to the plate and really push ourselves to make the group still go forward. Being in the studio on the last album, it was the last album he took the break on, we had to cover for his parts. And I think for the live show we had to really do what we could. We brought the stage in and wanted to make sure it was entertaining no matter who was missing.

Access All What do you like to do to entertain yourselves in between shows?
Howie: Out there on the road on our days off, which are very few, it depends where we’re at. If we’re overseas, we try and do what the locals do. Last time we were in Australia and we were in Sydney I went all around Sydney for a lot of sightseeing. I saw a cousin of mine who lives in Bondi and relaxed with her for a little bit. When we were in Melbourne we went to the zoo. One time Kevin and myself went out on a boat and we went scuba diving. It just depends where we’re at. Sometimes it’s cultural and sometimes it’s local. Night life – we all enjoy that as well. Restaurants and good food...

Access All Do you still enjoy each other’s company like you did back when you were starting out? 17 years together, are you still friends?
Howie: Yeah. We’re family. We’re like brothers to each other. We’ve definitely grown so much and we’re as close with each other to the point where we’re family. We’re with each other all the time. I enjoy the guys’ company so much. We’ve got different dynamics with each other too. If there’s things I want to do, this guy wants to do that. Nightlife – it’s Nick. If it’s going out culturally and seeing a museum or something, it’s Brian. As we’ve gotten older, we’ve learnt to appreciate each other’s good points and bad points. We know how to deal with each other.

Access All The title ‘This Is Us’ I guess in a way sums up this brothership that you talk about. So tell us who you guys are with maybe a characteristic or personality traits that gives fans a bit of an insight into each of the band members.
Howie: Wow. We’re definitely individuals. That’s what’s so amazing – we each have individual characteristics that when you put us all together, the chemistry and the bond has gone for 17 years now. Nick is the youngest one. He’s the craziest one. He’s like the real kid brother that sometimes you wish you never had, but he’s just part of the family. He’s probably the one for me that comes up with the most creative ideas. Especially for this tour, he had really cool ideas for the stage design. He’s very creative when it comes to music and the production. AJ is the Robbie Williams of the group. He’s the loose cannon. You never know what you’re going to get from him day to day. But that’s what’s so great…you need that bit of spice in the group. He keeps everybody on their toes. He probably has the biggest heart. I’ve known him the longest, over 20 years. He’s a great person to always count on as a friend. Brian is the most level-headed family person. He’s always the one that’s wanted to start a family early on in life and he knows how to definitely distinguish family time and work time.

Access All What would they say about you?
Howie: They’d probably say I’m the best, honestly.

Access All (Laughs)
Howie: You know it’s funny, a lot of times people will say…even when they hear me sing, ‘Wow, you’re the glue in the group.’ Really? You think so? ‘Yeah, your voice is the glue that ties all the different sounds to blend together.’ I’ll always be the one that listens. If there’s an argument, I’ll be the first one to be like ‘Hey guys, I understand what he’s saying and where you’re coming from.’ I’m the one that can kind of resolve issues the best in the group. I’m the non stop energiser bunny that just keeps going. Work, work, work. I have a family and I enjoy my time with my family – my wife and my kid and my immediate family. I’m always the workaholic. When’s the next show?

Access All What’s been your personal favourite time from being in the Backstreet Boys? Was it when it was all fresh and new?
Howie: Exactly that. When we first started out, even though it was a bit hard because people didn’t know who we were and everything, it was also an amazing time in the fact that everything was so new to us. Everything was a first. Travelling around the world, first concerts, seeing screaming girls for the first time, having a fan club, having our first gold record, our first MTV award…everything was so new and so fresh. Now it’s a challenge of keeping it always fresh.

Access All So many bands haven’t been able to last. Why do you think the Backstreet Boys have been able to?
Howie: I hope it’s because of the music. We try to put out the best music we can. We try to put out good quality music. And then I just think we were really blessed. I don’t know how the cards fell the way they did, but they did. We get along very well with each other; we appreciate the business and our fans and we always try and outdo ourselves from the last album. I think fans see that. We’re always up for a challenge. We don’t want to be stagnating in one place. We always want to top ourselves.

Access All You would have seen and experienced so many changes in the music industry in that period of time.
Howie: There’s definitely been a lot of challenges. The music industry has done a 360 from what we started out with. We were part of a historical era, before downloading, with record sale numbers I don’t think we’ll ever see again. It’s definitely a challenge but it’s a challenge we’re up for and I think we needed it. It’s a reality…what it takes to struggle and conquer and want to be on top. I think it made us stronger musicians, stronger as numbers to the group, stronger friends. And we had to take a step back and turn our thoughts on the business and how it’s changed.

Access All If your son James grew up and wanted to join a band of any sort, what advice would you give him?
Howie: Get a good lawyer! I would definitely encourage him. My mum encouraged me. I had older siblings in the music business. And I’ve always been into trying to help other people. I’m into management right now – I do co-managing other artists, trying to give a helping hand like I was given a helping hand. I’d just encourage my son to follow his dreams whatever he wanted to do, whether that was a musician, a doctor, lawyer, astronaut…just do what makes him feel good.

Access All Is there a few sons of the band now?
Howie: 3 boys. Kevin has a boy, I have a boy and Brian has a boy. We’ve got our own little Backstreet Little Boys. (laughs) We’re the Backstreet Bigger Boys.

Interview by Danielle Ralph

lunes, 25 de enero de 2010

Videos de Howie y Nick!

Aqui les dejo un video del pasado 24 de Noviembre de Howie firmando autografos con sus fans en Milán, antes del concierto:

Y luego un video nuevo de Nick diciendo que miremos futbol americano:

créditos: backstreet boys y nick carter twitters

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AJ Mclean, nueva entrevista

Aparte de encontrar nuevos videos en el site oficial de AJ de Japón, salio una nueva nota que ya los fans lo han subido a youtube:

No se olviden de votar en la disney! PUESTO 18!

Bigger está en el ranking de Cordoba,vota a los chicos


que dicen?

Aparte de realizar un campaña masiva con votos y pedidos para los medios de difución, no se olviden que este 23 de Abril se realizara una fiesta BSB!
Todos invitados!

no importa si sos o no parte del fans club o del grupo bsfanlives, LA IDEA DE LA FIESTA ES QUE TODOS JUNTOS FESTEJEMOS ESA NOCHE Y DRISFRUTEMOS DE LOS 17 AÑOS DE BACKSTREET BOYS!


Para comprar tu entrada, envianos un mail a nosotros: o a Vicky del Fanlive

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Backstreet boys

A dias de comenzar la 2da parte de la gira This is us por Asia! Les dejamos algunos fotos de los chicos.

Con respecto a Have it all según el album saldrá en America, pero no hay fecha confirmada. Asi que a la espera y más que nunca fans a seguir pidiendo y votando a la banda en las radios locales:

Straight through my heart puesto 18 en la Disney

Bigger parte del ranking de Hit Parade Córdoba

La estación FM : Bigger

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Backstreet Boys se presentarán en India x 1ra vez!

Backstreet Boys coming to India- Hindustan Times

Felicidades a todos los fans! próximo 20 de Febrero en un festival en Nueva Delhi!

Entrevista en donde los bsb hablaban sobre sus planes de las fiestas del 2009 , como Nick que quiere ser reno, correr desnudo por el bosque y comer mucho:

créditos:@domimclean & multishow Brazil

quedan menos de 40 entradas, reserva tu entrada ya en

O si eres miembro del fans club podes comprar tu entrada en las reuniones del fans club o deposito bancario.

No importa si formas parte del fans club, de otro grupo o eres sólo fan independiente. todos los fans de bsb están invitados para festejar los 17 años de la banda!

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Se rodo el video clip Teenage Wildlife

Según el twitter del director ayer se rodó el 1er videoclip solista de AJ: Teenage Wildlife!!

Aqui les dejamos la propaganda q realiza AVEX por la salida de Have it all este 20/1 en Japón

créditos:spanish fansclub q lo subio a Youtube

No se olviden que la fiesta de los 17 años de BSB en Buenos Aires es este 23 de Abril. Reserva tu entrada con anticipación quedan sólo 40 cupos! reserva en

Buen fin de semana para todos!

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Más noticias sobre Teenage Wildlife

Nueva entrevista de AJ en

Fans de los Backstreet boys y Sync - amistosos rivales en sus días - estarán sorprendidos de saber que JC Chasez ayudo con el 1er single de AJ Mclean de su próximo disco solista.
Es el 1er albúm solista de AJ, no la 1er gira ya que años atrás realizo gira Norteamericana con el nombre de Johnny No Name. Have it all saldrá a la venta a fines de este año (???) y Mc Mclean prometio que sus fans notarán su video clip de su 1er single Teenage Wildlife, gracias a vibra.
´Wade Robson está realizando el video. Tambien está realizando la coreografía´Es su debut como editor, asi que va a ser genial´ dijo AJ a mtv.
La canción se llama Teenage Wildlife y fue escrita por JC Chasez.

Mclean planea grabar el video pronto. ´No quiero dar mucha información sobre el video pero es definitivamente fuera de este mundo, pero te puedo decir a ti: yo en un club nocturno que muchos animales -no realmente animales - pero es que va a ser muy interesante ´

Sobre el album, Mclean trabajo con muchos creadores de hits como Ryan Tedder, que tambien trabajo en el último trabajo de los Backstreet boys, This is us. ´Es una especie de cruces entre rock y funk, y un poco de sonido dance´ ´Estoy muy orgulloso del album y estuve trabajando en el mismo for casi 5 años´ ´Va a ser un increible album´.


Nueva tendencia: ROCK you REligion

Podemos coincidir que el 2010 es sobre cambios, y sentirse confortable con uno mismo. Con eso en mente, no hay mejor manera de comenzar a expresarte y tener tu propio estilo.
Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony y Howie Dorough de los Backstreet boys han estado haciendo eso con las cadenas y dijes de Rock your religion. El última cosa de celebridad individual que te permite mostrar tu religión en estilo.

Howie Dorough tiene su propio dije contra la lucha del Lupus en honor a su hermana. El músico perdio a su hermana por Lupus hace 10 años atrás and establecio Dorough Lupus Foundation para apoyar y ayudar a otras familias afectadas con está enfermedad.

Por sólo usd 35, vos podes tener está última joya y ayudar a esas familias que lo necesitan. Puedes comprar tu cadena aquí


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Backstreet boys!

Como están? hablo con AJ luego de la gran noticia de compromiso. Aqui les dejamos el audio q dio a conocer:

No se olviden de estar atentos al portal de AJ de japón
Todavía a la espera de la salida oficial del cd en el resto del mundo!
Have it all versión japonesa

Luego les dejamos de las tantas andanzas del Fans Club, está es la versión latina de Bigger, jaja:


Straight through my heart en el puesto 24, fans! más que nunca a seguir votando diariamente en la DISNEY

Deja tu voto para BIGGER. Fans a seguir votando diariamente, apoya a bsb!

Un lindo videito de KEV como Mr Flynn

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Backstreet boys más fotos y nuevo video de KEVIN

TEENAGE WILDLIFE versión completa:

creditos:radio rip

NUEVAS FOTOS DE BRIAN Y BAYLEE. La familia Littrellll nos sigue deleitando con sus fotos en twitter.

Y apareciero una nuevo foto de la parejita feliz la noche del 9 de Enero, cumple 32 del querido AJ!
Según parece que AJ 1ro pensaba comprarle un bracelete esa noche a Rochelle, pero tomo coraje y se decidio por el anillo!

Aparecio un video de KEVIN llegando con Kristin y Mason del 28/10:

créditos:jessrichie y foto de AJ con Rochelle vegasnewz

sábado, 9 de enero de 2010

AJ Mclean se comprometio!

AJ Mclean propuso casamiento en el escenario a su novia


A.J. Mclean está oficiamente fuera del mercado.
Mientras celebraba su cumpleaños 32 en las Vegas este Viernes por la noche, el vocalista de Backstreet boys propuso casamiento a su novia Rochelle Deanna Karidis en el escenario de la disco del Hard Rock Hotel s Wasted Space.

`El se subio al escenario y el DJ apago la música. Le pidio a ella que suba al escenario, y se bajo a sus rodillas ´dijo un testigo a People. ´El le propuso y ella dijo que sí y lo abrazo. Saco un anillo de su bolsillos y se lo coloco a ella en su mano. `

´Ella parecia muy sorprendida y parecia que no sabía por que el se subio al escenario´el testigo agrego. ´Hasta sus amigas estaban en shock. Ellos sabían que le iba a proponer matrimonio, pero no pensaban que iba a ser es noche´Mclean, una fuente de people, había comprado el anillo de compromiso unas horas antes de la propuesta pública en la casa de joyas del Hard Rock hotel.

Aparte de sus amigos, el club estaba lleno de gente de la convención de Adult Entertainment Expo.


miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

Beautiful Lie video clip!

Luego de darse a conocer el trailer oficial de la pelicula Kill Speed, aqui les dejamos parte de la participación de Nick con Jennifer Paige!

Créditos: viva tv Alemania

Y para los que no habían visto el trailer de Kill Speed:

Queríamos felicitar a Manu por ser la ganadora de la foto autografiada por los BSB en la última reunión del fans club!

No se olviden fans que esperamos verlos a todos en la 2da fiesta a realizarce de Backstreet boys el Viernes 23 de Abril!

Está vez: canilla libre, bar exclusivo para fans de bsb cerca de Plaza Serrano. Quedan pocos lugares, reserva tu entrada en

NUEVA ENTREVISTA en audio de HOWIE del 7/12 de una radio de Brisbane


Backstreet boys Fans Club Argentina

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Backstreet boys nuevo cd!

1. Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)
2. As Long As You Love Me
3. Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (Extended Version)
4. I'll Never Break Your Heart
5. All I Have To Give
6. I Want It That Way
7. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
8. Shape Of My Heart
9. More Than That
10. Drowning
11. Larger Than Life
12. Incomplete
13. Just Want You To Know
14. Inconsolable
Podes realizar tu compra del cd en

Nueva foto del backstage en Dublin 13/11 de la radio 98 y fotos de AJ del concierto de Liverpool 9/11!
créditos:backstreet boys myspace

Mr A parte del nuevo trabajo a salir de AJ el 26/01 en Japón:

Y Sincerely yours versión estudio:

Chicos, a seguir votando Straight through my heart en Radio Disney que sigue siendo parte del ranking y tambien a comenzar a dejar nuestros votos y pedidos para Bigger!
Bigger en el puesto 7 de Hit parade Cordoba, a votar para que Bigger llegue al puesto número 1!

Feliz 2010 para todos !

No se olviden de reserva su entrada para la Fiesta de Backstreet boys a realizarce el próximo Viernes 23 de Abril! Reserva tu entrada
Cupo limitado! y se puede entrar sólo por lista! Canilla libre + bsb $46- pesos!