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Ultimo video de Alex invitando a los fans a su gira de Mayo x Asia AQUI

Con respecto a la gran sorpresa de bsb, parece q se trata de un crucero a realizarce del 9 al 13/12 !
Que se realizara luego de que hayan completa la mayor parte de la gira de This is us!

Y en youtube ya tenemos videos de la llegada de BSB a Taiwan y Howie con su fans en backstage:

créditos videos: tangginette y shinnig star spain

Nueva entrevista traducida por Tony de bsbchina en Inglés:

Backstreet Boys This Is Us SHANGHAI TIMES!

In 2006, Backstreet Boys Kevin Richardson left the group, this hit hard at the best boyband of the pop music in the past 20 years. But soon, with Unbreakable the foursome Backstreet Boys destroyed any rumors about their disbandment. In the end of 2009, they released This Is Us. On March 14th and 15th , Backstreet Boys will perform in Shanghai for the third times. They try to tell their fans “We are still ourselves ” by their music.

About Music
Backstreet is a kind of music.
The success of This Is Us in the whole wide world is the main reason of Backstreet Boys’ China Tour, The revived Backstreet Boys hope they can take off among the cheer of their fans.

It’s been 4 years since your last show in Shanghai, what are you expect? / Pasaron 4 años del último show in Shanghai, que expectativas tienen?
BSB: the day of our last show in Shanghai 4 years ago was a rainy day, but the enthusiasm of the fans still impressed me a lot. Especially when we sung our new song Climbing The Walls, all the fans sung along with us, we wrestling moved by that. It’s hard to image that our new songs can spread so fast in such a remote country.This time we want to perform a real Backstreet show. Apart from singing and performing, we will also do a lot dancing.

Besides, we also arrange some interesting interaction, hope fans will love it.We just happened run into world expo 2010 shanghai, and it is said that we are the first foreign artist to have concert this year, we are honored.

Is there any parties meaning of the name This Is Us?
BSB: The Europe dance songs and vocal harmony is the our signboard. When we were famous for this signboard, those music that contains European factors is not so popular.Right now the European Dance songs is revived. We think it’s still our favorite , still our signboard.
We want to tell the fans, this kind of music stand for BSB, and BSB stands for this kind of music. So we named this album This Is Us.

About Kevin
Our doors always opens for him,
In 2007, Backstreet Boys Kevin Richardson left the group with just a brief announcement. Since the the Backstreet Boys became foursome, Although there are rumors about their disbandment and internal disagreements, but in fancy they are still together. Backstreet boys says their relationship is like brothers, and they welcome the return of Kevin at any times.

Kevin left BSB in a low-key way, can you tell me why he left this hard group?
BSB: Actually we don’t want to talk about this for many times, after all it’s past,. Just quote what kevinsaid at that time,” I’m in a very important period of my life. When I want to do something I’ll put 100% effort into it, just like what I did as a Backstreet Boys. But there are other dreams in my life and I ignore it for a time.

How did Kevin say goodbye to you when he left ?
BSB: We are like brothers, we knew what he want, so we say nothing at all, be gave his best wishes to us and we give ours to him.
Right now Kevin acted in some opera, founded his own company. He is working hard on many different things, And, he is going to start a family with his wife Kristin Richardson .

With a member left, will it effect on the vocal harmony that you are so proud of ? What’s the difference between fivesome and foursome?
BSB: Although we seems incomplete without Kevin, but we all try our best to make it up.The foursome Backstreet Boys have their style and unique feature. We hope our fans don't dwell on the past, this is also what we always told to ourselves. Hope you can pay more attention to the music and show onstage that we do right now.

Do you still keep in touch with Kevin?
BSB: We certainly do. This Is Us is the second album that we have since Kevin left. We brought those songs to him and let him listen to it. Actually This Is Us is the kind of music that Kevin want to do before he left. He really love some of those new songs. We are still as good as brothers.

Right now we still have a record contract, we hope after we finished that record, Kevin can come back for the next one, the door of BSB always opens for him.
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